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Heapey and Wheelton Village Hall

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Heapey and Wheelton Village Hall, West View, Wheelton. PR6 8HJ

A little bit about the Village Hall  

Heapey and Wheelton Village Hall is situated at the top of Meadow Street in the heart of Wheelton Village and was formerly Wheelton Council School. It was bought in the early 1980’s to provide a community facility for the residents of both Heapey and Wheelton and now aims to provide a focal point for social activities in our two communities. Book the Village Hall here.

Wheelton Nursery is also a resident of the Village Hall.

Can you Help?

The Village Hall is run by a group of volunteers but we need more assistance.

Brains, brawn, we’ll take anything!!! There currently is a small group of people who keep the Village Hall open and running and we are looking for more help. If you would like to join us all you need is a little spare time, enthusiasm, community spirit and an enjoyment of village life!

Alternatively, if you are interested in offering a little bit of help but don't want to join the village hall committee you could help in other ways, such as delivering leaflets, help at fundraising events, grant applications, events organising or publicity, the list is endless!

Events at the Village Hall

A number of annual events are organised by the Village Hall Events Team, details of which can be found in the What’s On pages or on the Village Hall website.

Rooms for Hire!  

Do you need a place for your group to meet, or would you like to hire the hall for a party? The Village Hall has two rooms which are available for hire by groups or private individuals. The hall has been used for a variety of events such as children’s parties, pottery and photographic exhibitions, meetings, fitness groups, and so on.

Contact Details: See The Village Hall website

History & Organisation

Located at the top of Meadow Street in the heart of Wheelton, the Village Hall has been around in its current guise since 1983. So, how did it all begin?
Many villages have a local community centre or hall that have interesting histories and beginnings. Heapey & Wheelton Village Hall is no exception. The Village Hall started life some 130 years ago as St Paul’s school built by mill owner Peter Todd. Following a bitter row with the Reverend of Heapey Church, Mr Todd and his followers (mostly his employees!) broke away from the ’Mother Church’ and built the ‘Free Church of England’, St Paul’s and the adjoining school. St Paul’s church and ‘Todd’s Mill’ were both demolished some time ago to make way for new homes in the village – Millbrook Close now stands in place of the mill which once dominated Wheelton.

As for the school it was later renamed Wheelton Council School and saw many generations of Wheeltonians and Heapeyites pass through it’s doors until it’s closure in the late 1960’s.
In 1982 a number of enterprising villagers, worried about losing a valuable community building, set about raising funds to buy the disused school for use as a village hall. In total �20,000 was raised from donations and fundraising events and a charitable trust was formed. A year later Heapey & Wheelton Village Hall was born!

Who owns the Village Hall ... How is it Run?

The Village Hall was bought and is still run by the does not belong to the parish or local councils – it belongs to each and every person in Heapey & Wheelton – we all have a share.
The Village Hall is run as a charitable trust and the Parish Councils of Heapey and Wheelton are the official custodian trustees of the Village Hall. As such the Parish Councils are there to ensure that the Village Hall continues to exist as a community facility for the benefit of all who live in Heapey and Wheelton.
A group of volunteers make up the Management Committee of the Village Hall (chairperson, secretary, treasurer plus committee members). It is the Management Committee who are responsible for the day to day running of the Hall, but many others also get involved in helping at events, fundraising, maintenance and other essential functions.
Monthly meetings are held to discuss general running and maintenance matters. Regular attendees at these meetings are members of the Village Hall management committee, plus representatives from regular user groups and a member from each of the two Parish Councils. There are also ‘co-opted’ members – these usually have a specific function and are co-opted for as long as the task requires. Committee meetings are held at the Village Hall (small hall) on the second Wednesday in every month starting at 7.30pm.
The AGM is held in June each year. By its nature the Annual General Meeting is somewhat more formal as we review the previous years accounts and committee members are nominated and elected for the forthcoming year. To balance this heavy-going talk we always make sure there is plenty of tea, coffee and cake going spare.

Everyone welcome!

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